Current Events Project Overview

This is a link to an Overview of the Current Events Project

Presentation Dates

This is the LINK for the approximate date you will present

Recommended News Sources

YHS News Resources
Student News Daily
New York Times for Students
Newspaper Map of the World
New York Times
Washington Post
Portland Press Herald
BBC World Service
Newspapers Of The World
ABC News
CNN- Student News
Scholastic News

Editorial Cartoons

Daryl Cagle's Editorial Cartoon Index
The Association of American Editorial Cartoonists


Below is the rubric for the project:
Pearl 16-17 Current Events Presentation Rubric

Presentation Template

This will be shared with you in your Google Drive
Here is the 2016-2017 Presentation Template you should work from.

Student Exemplar:

Here is an Exemplar to help you construct your presentation
Exemplar #2- ISIS September 2016

Below are some current stories to get you thinking: