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Essential Questions/Ideas of this unit:
  • How did the geography impact the development of Ancient Greece?
  • Identify the Great Greeks and their contributions.
  • Understand the chronology of the major phases of Greek history.
  • Was Alexander the Great great?
  • Some historians have stated that: Balance and harmony formed the very heart of Greek culture and Greek culture formed the very heart of American culture. Please evaluate the accuracy of this statement by drawing evidence from the following aspects of Greek/American culture:
    • Legal and political systems
    • Art and Architecture
    • Philosophy
    • Literature and Drama


Is the Universe a Simulation? NYTimes

Watch Greece's Call for Referendum on Bailout Sends Markets Tumbling on PBS. See more from PBS NewsHour.

Ancient Greece Resources
Boise State

Atlantis/Trojan War

Atlantis Square Pantis (Sponge Bob)
Lost City of Atlantis Found REUTERS (2011)

Phalanx Warfare in Ancient Greece (6:40)

Pericles, the Delian League, and the Athenian Golden Age(7:42)
Greek Tragedy & Comedy (10:35)
Peloponnesian War and Thucydides (12:45)
Socrates: Life, Death and Philosophy (9:00)
Platonic Idealism: Plato and His Influence (14:46)
Alexander the Great and the Birth of Hellenism (9:00)
The Library of Alexandria & The Benefits of Hellenization (7:30)
Euclid, Archimedes & Ptolemy: Alexandrian Hellenistic Philosophers (8:42)


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Legacy of Greece

Great Greeks
LEGO Antikythera Mechanism

Parthenon Video
Hippocratic Oath
Video clip on pi
Philosophers World Cup (MONTY PYTHON)

Alexander The Great
The Odyssey