What were the major accomplishments and contributions of your civilization
  • They invented the iron-ore smelting and were masters of the metals
  • They were the first in the middle east to wield iron weapons extensively. Made spears, Swords, Helmets, and also shields
  • The Hittite's empire was exceptionally large spanning all throughout Mesopotamia.
  • They traded all through the Mediterranean and made they're laws known by all
  • The religions in the Hittite empire were all based on the old Babylonian and early fertile crescent Sumerian beliefs.
  • The King or ruler of the Hittite empire basically owned just about everything in the empire that

  • They contributed a legal system considered less harsh then Hammurabi's code
Adopted Hammurabi's Code and Made improvements
The law emphasized payments for damages rather than harsh punishments.
Took into consideration pre-meditation

  • What made your civilization unique?
They wore their hair in a long, think pigtail that hung down in the back
They used light, spoked-wheel chariots that could carry two soldiers and a driver
Came out of asia-minor (modern day turkey)

  • Ancient Hittite Artwork
    Ancient Hittite Artwork
    Hittite Warrior
  • What historical events or people define your civilization? The Hittites invaded many parts of Mesopotamia. They used their advanced toolmaking skills to also conquer the Babylonian empire. One of the most famous battles in pre history also took place in Quadesh. The Egyptians and the Hittites made peace through the marriage of a princess and prince. Fought on the banks of the Orontes River in Syria, this is the earliest battle of which solid military tactics are known. Pharaoh Ramesses II led an army of 20,000 men in an attempt to maintain his crumbling empire. Muwatallish, the Hittite king, had set an ambush for the Egyptians, sending about 1,500 chariots, each holding three men.
  • What artifacts or artworks best represent your civilization? The ancient royal plaques in the ancient Akkadian language represent the structure and rule of the civilization

  • What historical connections were made between your civilization and other civilizations?
They conquered the city of Babylon in about 1595 BC.
The Hittites largely borrowed their culture from Mesopotamia and Egypt
Traded with Meditteranean countries such as Greece