ACTEM presentation
Wikis that Work: In the classroom "How To"

Catie Wooten and David Pearl, Yarmouth High School

Temperature Taking:

  • Do you know what a wiki is?
  • How many people have a wiki?
  • What do you want to know about wikis in the classroom?

Rationale - Why we LOVE wikis

  • makes our course more engaging
  • it makes our life easier


assignments - not just HW, but also classwork - Parallel Classroom (Catie)

    1. Engagement
    2. student ownership
    3. study for tests
    4. special ed and absences
    5. parent access
    6. sharing with colleagues

content - File cabinet/ Text (David)

    1. how to organize content
    2. by unit
    3. and by assignment hosting videos
    4. exemplars
    5. rubrics
    6. class note-taker


student - access and adding

    1. indirect adding content (students sending links)
    2. examples - Animalia, Geography of Egypt
    3. assessment - how to - using "history" tab to see students' edits to pages
Peer- Professional Learning Community - Collaboration (David)
    1. What it takes to get started - time, start small
    2. Philosophical Shift- not "my wiki" but "our wiki"
    3. how you can use other people in your building as resources.

Getting Started on your own:

  • setting up a wiki
  • using wiki as a platform
  • keep it simple at first

Time - 30 minutes: dig in.

List of Resources