Major Accomplishments/ Contributions:
• Sargon was a king who founded the first great empire in history
• Sargon's conquests united all of the city-states in Mesopotamia
• Greatest empire until Babylon

What made it Unique:
•Stretched from Lebanon on the Mediterranean coast, up into Turkey and south to the Persian Gulf
•Survived for 60 years
•Sargon was first Kings to maintaian permanent army

Events/ People:
• Sargon- first to build an empire in Mesopotamia
• Ebla fought for control of the Euphrates river trade, they were unsuccessful
• Sagon's Grandson captured Ebla, burned the royal archives
• 210 B.C. the empire fell to pieces


Major Accomplishments/ Contributions:
• Hammurabi gained control over the whole Mesopotamian region
• Hammurabi's code law- consisted of 282 sections
 dealing with most aspects of everyday lifehammurabi.jpg
 brought unity to city-states in Mesopotamia
 harsh law code based on "an eye for an eye"
 oldest set of laws
 The Code Law of Hammurabi is preserved on seven-foot-tall diorite stele showing Hammurabi receiving the laws from Shamash (God of Justice)

What made it Unique:
• Babylon had laws- the code clearly stated violations, and the punishment
• The land was very fertile even though it was in the desert (irrigation was very good)
• The Hanging Gardens of Babylon is one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
• Were built to make king Nebuchadnezzar's wife not as homesick
• Also had a Babylonian calender with 12 complete cycles of the moon