Iowa Town Named for Muslim Hero Extols Tolerance NYTimes 2013
How people in Muslim countries prefer women to dress in public Pew Research Jan 8, 2014
Muslim Comedian's Response to the Survey PRI
Young and Invisible (30min) Somali domestic Servant in Yemen

Why Shariah? NYTimes Mar, 2008

Freedom House
-Freedom House is a Clickable Map showing Freedom or lack of freedom in Countries and regions around the world.

Reel Bad Arabs: How Hollywood Vilifies a People (35:00)

Arab Stereotypes


What do 1 Billion Muslims Believe? (1 Hour)

Ted Talks: Middle East

Why We Fight

Boston Marathon Bombing
Boston’s Terror and the Children of the Fault Lines Bloomberg April 19, 2013
The Tsarnaev brothers exemplified "the righteous mind" Dallas News April 22, 2013
Boston bombings suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev left note in boat he hid in, sources say CBS News (2:41min)
What caused the Boston Marathon bombings? It's complicated …GUARDIAN (April 2013)
The special dread of terrorism for Muslims in the west GUARDIAN (April 2013)

Judgement Not Included- Thomas Friedman (April 2013)
Time-Line of Bombings Washington Post (April 2013)
Time-Line of Boston Bombing CNN (May 2013)
Boston Marathon Bombing- 60 Minutes (12:39min)
Reconstructing the Scene of the Boston Marathon Bombing NYTimes Interactive
Boston Marathon bombing: Investigators looking into suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s time abroad in Russian Caucasus region last year Daily News (April 2013)
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