Khan Academy: https://www.khanacademy.org/humanities/history/euro-hist/middle-east-20th-century/e/mideast-ww1
Theodor Herzl and the birth of political Zionism

Sinai, Palestine and Mesopotamia Campaigns

Sykes-Picot Agreement and the Balfour Declaration

Arabia after World War I

Another resource that may be helpful to review:

Inside The Muslim Brotherhood The Times of Israel, 2013

60 Minutes- City of David (14:04)
60 Minutes- Is Peace Out of Reach? (13:10)

The Council on Foreign Relations
Crisis Guide: The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Chapter 1: Time-Line
  1. Video Overview (12:13)
  2. The Mandate Period
  3. The Arab-Israeli Wars
  4. Diplomacy & Intifada
  5. Diplomacy & Radicalization

Chapter 2: The Territorial Puzzle
Chapter 3: Diplomatic Efforts
  1. Israel
  2. West Bank
  3. Gaza
  4. Golan Heights
  5. Regional Complexities (Jerusalem, Settlements, Refugee Camps. The Separation Barrier, Water Rights)
Chapter 4: Parties in Conflict (lists all the surrounding countries as well as other interested parties such as Arab League, Hamas, Refugess)
Chapter 5: Resources (these are excellent)

The New York Times
Challenges In Defining an Israeli-Palestinian Border. (2012)
Each section below has:
  • Intro Videos
  • Individual Voices- Interviews from both sides of the conflict
  • Images
Part 1: Key Issues Explained
Part 2: Battle of The Barrier
Part 3: The Settlement Issue
Part 4: Sharing Jerusalem

The United Nations
UN Resolution 242 (1967)
The Question of Palestine (Beijing, June 2013)

Promises DVD