Period 4 Blue

JAN 23
In Class:
Confusing Question of the Day (2:54min)
Umm Kalthum (1898-1975) 5:23min
How people in Muslim countries prefer women to dress in public Pew Research Jan 8, 2014
Muslim Comedian's Response to the Survey PRI

Use the Blog title "The Future of Non-Violence in the Middle East."

JAN 21
In Class:
Watch the film Budrus and take brief notes on two of the discussion questions on the guide below.

Read the following story and watch the Ted Talk with Julia Bacha. Think about the role that non-violence could play in the future of the Middle East. Identify 5 insights about non-violence you get from these multiple sources.
Film "Budrus" Becomes Part of the Debate NYTimes Oct, 2010
Julia Bacha: Pay Attention to Nonviolence Ted Talk (10:52)
Familiarize yourself with the characters in the film:


JAN 16
In Class:
Quiz- Iraq War

Create a Blog Post- Guantanamo Bay
1. What is Guantanamo Bay?
2. What is the controversy surrounding Guantanamo Bay? (Describe both sides of the argument)
3. Identify a recent news story on Guantanamo Bay. Create a link to the story. Summarize the story.
4. Include, Identify and describe a Editorial Cartoon on Guantanamo Bay. Describe the Artist's point of view.

Life in Gitmo (60 Minutes) 2013 (13:49)

Al-Qaida Linked Forces Escalate Conflict Press Herald Jan 9, 2014
Falluja’s Fall Stuns Marines Who Fought There NYTimes Jan 9, 2014
U.S. Leverage in Iraq Tested As Fears of Civil War Mount WSJ Jan 6, 2013 (1:15)
Crack of Gunfire Washington Post Jan 6, 2013 (1:20)
Fighting between Iraqi troops, al Qaeda kills 34 AP Jan 5, 2014
Kerry: We'll help Iraq but won't send in troops CNN Jan 5, 2014
U.S. and Iran Face Common Enemies in Mideast Strife NYTimes Jan 13, 2013
Iraq-Unfinished Business (60 Minutes) 2010 (13:29)

210 Days in Captivity60 Minutes- 2013 (13:00)
Control Room
JAN 14
In Class:
Move to room 604
Review Troop Surge Data

Beyond Baghdad

Study for Quiz on the Second Iraq War (2003-2011)
JAN 10
In Class:

Iraq War Casualties
Baghdad Mapping Violence
Read and take notes about the Troop Surge & Sunni Awakening in 2007

be prepared for a quiz Thursday, Jan 16th.
In Class:
Map & Geography of Iraq
Interactive Map: Peoples and Politics
Complete Inside Saddam Hussein's Reign of Terror. (Second Gulf War)

Click on the Interactive Iraqi Map1988-2003 Read and take notes on the following sections.
Economic Sanctions 1990-2003
From South Africa to Iran: Economic Sanctions Evolve WSJ Dec, 2013 Create a Blog Post- Economic Sanctions
What are 5 insights you gain on how the use of sanctions have evolved. According to the author, what are the most effective sanctions? Do sanctions work? Why or why not?
Add a Cartoon with a Caption.
In Class:
Watch Inside Saddam Hussein's Reign of Terror. (First Gulf War)
Click on the Interactive Iraqi Map1988-2003 Read and take notes on the following sections.
Pretext for Invasion, Invasion & Occupation of Kuwait, Gulf War 1990-1991, Economic Sanctions 1990-2003, Challenge to Saddam's Power, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Human Rights Abuses by Saddam.


DEC 19
In Class:
Quiz- Iranian Hostage Crisis, Iran & Iraq War
Inside Saddam Hussein's Reign of Terror. This will be an overview of his rise to power, the First & Second Gulf War and his arrest and trial. Take notes on the attached worksheet.

DEC 17
In Class:
23 photos of the Middle East’s first snowy winter in decades Washington Post Dec, 2013Read this short article.

Jimmy Carter Toasting the Shah of Iran- New Year's 1978 (0:35)
Imam Khomeini - The Man Who Changed The World | Iran & The West [Part 1/3](First 15:00min)
Read about the Iran & Iraq War and take notes on the worksheet below. Here are the two sources you should read to take notes.
BBC- Iran-Iraq War
Iran & Iraq War History Channel

Study for a quiz on the Islamic Fundamentalism in 1979, Iranian Hostage Crisis, and the Iran & Iraq War. Make sure you review the Iran & Iraq War using the resources below.
Map of Iran-Iraq War
Interactive Iraqi Map
DEC 13
In Class:
Finish The House of Saud and create a blog post that demonstrates your learning about the history of the relationship between Saudi Arabia and United States.
1. What is one episode from Saudi history that you found particularly interesting? Describe it. Why do you think it was an important event in Saudi History?
2. Summarize the historical relationship between the United States and Saudi Arabia. Describe the growing rift between the United States and Saudi Arabia.
3. Insert an image with a short caption.

OPEC 50 Years Later (4:00) CNN MONEY
'OPEC obsolete' if Keystone pipeline OK'd: Pickens (1:17)
Keystone XL Pipeline
DEC 11
Examine the historical relationship between the United States and Saudi Arabia. The House of Saud provides some great insights in the development of this relationship over time. Answer the questions on the Study Guide.

Here is an overview of Ikhwan and their role in Saudi history
Read this article and take detailed notes about U.S. and Saudis in Growing Rift as Power Shifts NYTimes Nov 25, 2013

Celebrating the life of Nelson Mandela
Death of Nelson Mandela (12:00) NYTimes
Music a powerful ally in Mandela-led revolution CBNS News Dec 7, 2013
Nelson Mandela in his own words 60 Minutes
Major Hezbollah Leader Assassinated NYTimes Dec 4, 2013
"Execution Style Killings" have Iraqi's on edge PressHerald Dec 2, 2013
Baghdad Mapping Violence
Kerry, Seeking to Nudge Along Peace Talks, Offers Netanyahu Security Proposal NYTimes Dec 5, 2013Finish the Promises Film. Create a Blog Post with the title: Promises. Write an in-depth answer to one of the questions. Include specific scenes or quotes from the film and at least two facts from your homework on the Deheshe Refugee Camp and Beit El Settlement.
Be sure to include an image or a cartoon with a caption.

Watch the following film Jordan: The Royal Tour. Take notes on the attached assignment sheet. Below is a link to the film:
Jordan: The Royal Tour

Protesters in Jordan denounce King Abdullah II LATimes Nov, 2012
In Jordan the Arab Spring is Not Over Yet Atlantic July, 2013
Jordan’s Simmering Spring Foreign Policy Aug, 2013
Watch the film Promises and take notes on the reflections page.

Read the following 3 resources that relate to the film that we watched in class. Identify 3-4 facts or questions that broaden your understanding of life in Deheshe Refugee Camp and
3-4 facts or questions that broaden your understanding of life in the Beit El settlement.
Deheishe Refugee Camp
Beit El
Israel approves almost 300 new West Bank settler homes BBC May, 2013


NOV 26
Test on Arab-Israeli Conflict
Read about the Muslim Brotherhood in Gaza. Identify how this radical group is gaining so much support and gaining popularity.
Inside The Muslim Brotherhood The Times of Israel, 2013
NOV 22
60 Minutes- City of David (14:04) 2010
Why is Jerusalem such a difficult issue for the Israelis and Palestinians?
How is the archaeological dig at the Holy Basin viewed differently by Jews and Palestinians?
Israeli land claims: Archaeology and ideology ALJazeera Nov, 2013

60 Minutes- Is Peace Out of Reach? (13:10) 2009
1. What are some of the most interesting insights about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict you gained from this film? Pay attention to the settlers.
2. What do you see is the difference between where Israelis live and where the Palestinians live?
3. Why do many believe a two-state solution is no longer possible?

Q & A: Israel's New Government BBC, 2013
Study for Test on Arab-Israeli Conflict
NOV 20
Quiz- Map of Israel

Lecture and review of Arab-Israeli Conflict and 4 Issues
Here are some resources to help you study the key issues:
The New York Times
Challenges In Defining an Israeli-Palestinian Border. (2012)
Each section below has:
  • Intro Videos
  • Individual Voices- Interviews from both sides of the conflict
  • Images
Part 1: Key Issues Explained
Part 2: Battle of The Barrier
Part 3: The Settlement Issue
Part 4: Sharing Jerusalem
Study for Quiz on Geography.
Study for Test on Arab-Israeli Conflict
NOV 18
Students Present Arab-Israeli Time Line from Camp David to Cyber Attacks on Iran.
Map of Israel- Study for Quiz next class
Council on Foreign Affairs: Crisis Guide- The Territorial Puzzle
Council on Foreign Affairs: Crisis Guide- Parties to the Conflict
NOV 14
Students Present Arab-Israeli Time Line from Nakba to Camp David.
Read and highlight One Homeland, Two Peoples: A Brief History pages 55-63. I recommend that while reading this packet you watch (and pause) this webcast from the Council on Foreign Relations.
Crisis Guide: The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
  1. Video Overview (12:13)
NOV 12
Work on Arab-Israeli Timeline
Kerry Takes Personal Approach to Mid-East Talks
Oil Prices Effected by Middle East NYTimes
Saudi Arabia Nuclear Weapons "on Order" from Pakistan
Complete Research Project on Arab-Israeli Timeline

Veterans DAY Weekend

Quiz- World War I in the Middle East
Read and highlight One Homeland, Two Peoples: A Brief History pages 55-63. Create a note-taking guide in Googledocs and name it: Israel-Palestine.Lastname.4B and share it with me. Define the following terms/people. For people include an image.

Read and take notes on the current events below. Identify the different constituencies and points of view (Liberal, Conservative, Islamist, Radical)
Pakistani Movie "Waar" Draws Controversy WSJ Oct 26, 2013

Israel Carries out Airstrike on Russian Missiles in Syria Mail Nov 1, 2013
Sinai,Palestine and Mesopotamia Campaigns Khan Academy (9:53)
Sykes-Pikot Agreement and the Balfour Declaration Khan Academy (12:52)
Arabia After World War I Khan Academy (9:38)
Study for Quiz on World War I in the Middle East. Focus on Arab perspectives of the Sykes-Pikot Agreement, and the Balfour Declaration. Know the names, faces, achievements of Hussein bin Ali, Ibn Saud, Faisal bi- Hussein, Abdullah bin Hussein, Chaim Weizmann and T.E. Lawrence. How did French and British policies in the Middle East during World War I contribute to the instability found in the region today?
The Walls of Constantinople TED Education (4:17)
History of Middle East in 90 Seconds (Interactive)
Lecture: WWI and Partition of Ottoman Empire

//The Forgotten Genocide// ABC News (5:03)
Armenian Genocide Recognition- Wikipedia

House Bill Angers Turks NPR Bryan Nalor (6:05) Ivan Watson (2:50)
Make a Blog Post for one of the following: (include an image and original research- identify in red text with citation that is linked)

Armenia- The Forgotten Genocide
Insights into the Ottoman Empire- Not just the "Sick Man Of Europe"
America's Failure of Armenian Genocide Recognition
OCT 30
Dozens of Muslim Women Defy Saudi Governement Ban on Women Driving The Guardian Oct 26, 2013
No Women, No Drive (4:15)
Watch the Frontline: Muslims and examine the different way Islam has been interpreted in Iran and Turkey.
Create a Blog Post- Muslims in Turkey and Iran

What Muslim beliefs and practices do you observe in the film?
What roles do you see women playing in the film?
What did you notice about the relationship between Islam and the government in Iran and Turkey? Be sure to provide specific examples.
Upload an Image and a caption for Turkey and for Iran.
OCT 28
Test on Islam
OCT 24
Saudi Arabia Rejects Seat on UN Security Council NYTimes, 2013
Sunni vs Shia. Examine one conflict in the Middle east that is fueled by the division between Sunni & Shia and report out to the rest of the class. Identify 5 Important facts.

Review For Test on Islam
Review Reformation of Islam
Jihad- What does it mean?
Turkey Lifts Ban on Islamic Headscarf NYTimes Oct, 2013
Outrage at Cartoonists Still Tests The Danes NYTimes 2008
Burning of the Koran NPR
Review Inside Islam: What a Billion Muslims Think & The Truth About Islam

Watch- 30 Days Muslims in America
Weekend of Twinning: Muslims and Jews "Standing Up For one Another" (4:41)
My Fellow American (6:22)
Read about inside a Mosque. Pay close attention to what you would expect to see when you visit a mosque.

Watch this Video: Khan Academy video on Mihrab (5:41)
Read and take notes on what you think are the top 5 Inventions. Describe the top two think they are the most important. How Islamic Inventions Shaped the World The Independent (19 inventions)
OCT 18
History of Religion in 90 seconds
Lecture- Islam
Create a Blog Post that examines the Reformation in Islam & The Role of Cyber Islam (7:44) "Interpretive Chaos"

OCT 16*
Watch the film- Inside Islam: What a Billion Muslims Think
Please complete the worksheet handed out in class. Hand the worksheet in at the end of class. Please pause the film periodically to take notes.


OCT 11
Islam Web Quest- go into GoogleDrive, make a copy, rename and share with me. Lastname.Islam.4B
Seniors out on English Field Trip
Lecture- Christianity in the Middle East
History of Religion in 90 seconds

3-D Tour of Church of Holy Sepulcher
Sanctuary of Holy Sepulcher- Interactive
Blog Post- Christianity in the Middle East:

Students will examine the current situation of Christians in the Middle East. Use this website to start your research; Guide: Christians in the Middle East- BBC
1. Identify the major Christian Communities living in Egypt, Syria & Lebanon.
2. In your own words briefly describe the origins and size of these communities
3. Locate a news story and summarize how they are being treated in ONE of the following- Egypt, Syria, or Lebanon today. Be sure to Cite your source and make the LINK "live."
4. Upload a map that shows Christian Demographics (populations) in the Middle East.

Watch this short video.
Christianity from Judaism to Constantine -Khan Academy (11:07)
OCT 1*
Reel Bad Arabs: How Hollywood Vilifies a People. Be sure to write down some of the names of movies Jack Shaheen mentions- this will help your homework. (35:00)

Create a Blog Post with the title REEL Bad Arabs.
1. Identify a Hollywood film that depicts Arabs in a negative light. Find a clip of this film on the internet and provide a link to a video clip showing this negative image.
2. Research Nazi Germany's negative propaganda towards Jews. Upload an image of this propaganda. If you can, show how it is similar to the way Arabs are portrayed in today's American media. Here is a link to help: Nazi Anti-Semitic Posters
SEP 27*
FRONTLINE- Syria Behind the Lines (53:51)

Blog Post: Syria- Behind the Lines. Create a blog post that provides the point of view by both Alawites and Sunni villagers living on both sides of the Orontes valley. How was it before the conflict? How has this become a sectarian conflict "with Vendettas that will last 50 years?" Include an image with a caption and a citation.
SEP 25
Editorial Cartoon of the Middle East
President Obama's Speech at U.N.- NYTimes (3:11)
Iran’s New President, in First U.N. Appearance, Preaches Tolerance, Says His Country Is No Threat NYTimes
As the New Iranian Leader Gets a Warm Reception, Israel Calls for Caution- NYTimes
Iranian Charm Offensive - NPR (3:37)
Obama's UN Speech NPR (4:01)
Al-Qaida In Africa And Implications For Security At Home- Diane Rehm Show (48:11)
Let's Examine the Political parties in Israel.

The Holocaust transforms Zionism
Here are some links from The United States Holocaust Memorial. While watching them think about how the Holocaust shaped the Jewish psyche and future Zionism.
**The Voyage of the St. Louis**
The Holocaust
Exodus 1947
Exodus 1947 (text)
Protest in Bergen-Belsen displaced persons camp over return of "Exodus 1947" passengers (silent)
Create a Blog Post - Holocaust transforms Zionism. In this blog describe how the holocaust and events like the Voyage of the St. Louis and Exodus 1947 changed and added momentum to the Zionist movement. For this Blog Post pretend you are a Jew in Bergan-Belsen writing in your diary after you hear about what happened to Exodus 1947. 150-200 words. Make sure you BOLD 5 true facts you weave into this historical fiction piece. Add an image and a caption.
SEP 23
Discussion- The Shabab attack on Mall in Kenya. Why did they do it? What is the political situation in Somalia?
Al-Shabab Remains a threat - BBC (1:32)
Lecture Judaism and Zionism

Interview with Syrian President Assad
Watch the interview that aired on 60 Minutes this weekend with Syrian President Bashar Al Assad. You can find the interview here: (this link is also posted on the HW page)
As you watch, take notes on things Assad says that stand out to you. Things might stand out because:
  • it might seem unbelievable, given what you have learned about Syria
  • it might seem like a clever or persuasive way for him to answer a question
  • he might repeat a certain idea several times

Take notes on at least four things he says.
Also, if you have a question about something he says that you want to go over in class, jot it down.
The Assad interview lasts about 12 minutes. After that, there is a short interview with President Obama about Syria.
SEP 19
History of Religion in 90 seconds
Lecture- Judaism
Watch the following Khan Academy video on Theodor Herzl and the birth of political Zionism (11:10) and write a reaction to the video on your blog. Use the title "Theodor Herzl and the birth of political Zionism" and answer the following questions:
1. Theodore Herzel was a very secular jew. What were the forces that convinced Theodore Herzl that Jews needed their own state?
2. Theodore Herzel is often considered a hero to Jews and a villian to many Arabs. After learning about him and his philosophy what do you think is his proper legacy? Please include a direct quote from his own writings to support you opinion.
SEP 17
Lecture- Roots of 9/11 and Results of 9/11
Boston Marathon Bombing- Why did they do it? Watch Boston Marathon Bombing- 60 Minutes (12:39min)
Understanding the Syrian Revolution VLOG Brothers (3:53)
Title The Blog- "Syria ....." Identify the Thesis of the article and write a short summary (in your own words). List 5 of the most important points in the article that pertain and help us better understand the conflict in Syria and the U.S. role. Include a relevant graph and image. For both include a caption and use Mr Pearl's Citation format.
1. Assad Wages War Shielded With a Smile NYTimes
2. Why Russia, Iran and China are standing by al-Assad CNN
3. Iran: U.S. military action in Syria would spark 'disaster' CNN
4. Chemical weapons in Syria: How did we get here? CNN
5. Syrian Islamist Rebels take control of historic Christian Town CNN
6. F.B.I. Sharpens Scrutiny of Syrians in U.S. for Signs of Retaliation NYTimes
7. Syrian Vote could Stall Congress' Work Washington Post
8. Arms Pipeline to Syrian Rebels NYTimes
9. Rebels fight Civil War within Civil War BBC
10. Syrian Refugees Top 2 Million AlJazeera & Syrian Refugees WSJ
11. Syria's Chemical Weapons Stockpile BBC
12. Guide to Syrian Opposition BBC
13. Zaatari Refugee Camp BBC
SEP 13
Collect Maps
Quiz- Countries and Capitals of the Middle East
Obama Delays Syria Strike to focus on Russian Plan NYTimes (2:25)
You will construct a Blog Posts.
Select what you think was the 5 most important Causes of 9/11 as described by Mr Bergan and construct a blog post with the title "Causes of 9/11." Summarize in your own words what you think were the five most important causes of 9/11. Include facts from the video The Road to 9/11 to support your selection. (cite your work). Include a relevant image with caption and citation.

Here are some additional resources:
10 Years after 9/11 AP, 2011
Remembering 9/11-The History Channel (I suggest you watch the "102 Minutes that changed America" feature)
9/11 Museum 60 Minutes (11:30)
SEP 11*
Watch end of the DVD The Road to 9/11 and take notes on the worksheet provided. Please start the film from the chapter- "Liquid Gold." You can please pause the film after every chapter and briefly review how the chapter identifies a motivation for the attacks on 9/11.

Students should then work in groups to correlate evidence from the film with the reading they completed by Peter Bergan What Were The Causes of 9/11?

For instance- Bergan asserts one of the things that motivated the 9/11 terrorists was “Decline and stagnation in the middle east and the "humiliation" of the Islamic world.” Do you see anything from the film that supports his view?

Study for Quiz on Countries and Capitals of the Middle East
This resource will help you: Map Game on Middle East
Practice Map Quiz
Juniors & Seniors will not have computers- Computer Orientation- Class Wiki, Blog

Introduce September 11th- What do we know?, What do we think we know?, What do we want to know?
Students watch video- The Road to 9/11

"Actively Read" Mr. Bergan's article. Underline important points, make notes in the margins, write questions. What is the thesis of his article? What do you think are his most compelling points? What do you think are his most interesting points?
What Were The Causes of 9/11? by Peter Bergan New America Foundation (September, 2006)
Report Out- What you learned about Syria.
Jig-Saw: Concept Mapping & Word Walls.
Syria Resolution Could Be A Hard Sell On Capitol Hill NPR (4:43)
'War-weary' Obama says Syria chemical attack requires response CNN

US and Allied Military Assets near Syria CNN
Cost of War National Priorities Project
Editorial Cartoons

HOMEWORK: Color and Label a Map of Countries & Capitals of The Middle East.

Tolerance Activity- POV and "Seeing the Gray and nuances"
Arab Spring Jubilation Turns to Dispair VOA (2:45)
Syria's Darkest Hour - Daily Mail (4:45)
Evidence: Syria gas attack work of U.S. allies WND

Obama and Kerry Press Case For U.S Action against Syria NYTimes (3:24)
Describe the main arguments President Obama gives for strikes against the Syrian Regime.
What assurance does he give the American people about how he will reach his final decision and what the goal of the strikes would be.
U.S. Assessment of Syrian Use of Chemical Weapons WSJ Official Government document making the case

1. Illustrate and Annotate one page that Summarizes and Describes you as an individual. Feel free to be creative- but try to make this informative. What do you plan to do after Yarmouth? What do you want to be when you grow up? Why are you interested in taking this Middle East class? (20 Minutes)
2. Watch or read the news about the conflict in Syria. Come to next class with a list of 10 things you learned about the conflict.
Ted Talks: Middle East
Tunisia Islamists, Secularists Vie for Power WSJ Oct 26, 2013
How people in Muslim countries prefer women to dress in public Pew Research Jan 8, 2014
Ted Talks: Middle East
Umm Kalthum (1898-1975) 5:23min
As Pressure Builds, Egypt’s Police Experience a New Feeling: Fear NYTimes Dec 17, 2013

Bedouins in Israel Protest Plan to Regulate Settlement NYTimes Nov, 2013
Brazen Attacks at Prisons Raise Worries of Al Qaeda’s Strength in Iraq NYTIMES July, 2013
Iraq Increasingly Drawn into Syrian Battlefield AP July 11, 2013
Iran's New President Greeted with Cautious Optimism PPH June 16, 2013
Pentagon Sees Supports for Afghans after 2014 NYTimes July, 2013
Pentagon Report on Progress & Stability in Afghanistan (192 Pages)
Global Voices- PBS Video
Despite West's Efforts, Afghans Cling to Traditional Ways NYTimes July, 2013
New Israeli Housing Bids Raise Tensions Before Peace Talks NYTimes Aug, 2013
Maine Native Banned from Bahrain PPH Aug, 2013
Maine Soldiers Deploy to Afghanistan Aug, 2013
Interactive Map- Chaos in Egypt WSJ
Time-line: Egypt in Transition WSJ
Al Jazeera America Promises A More Sober Look at News NYTimes Aug, 2013
Syria Accused Anew of Chemical Attack PPH Aug, 2013
For Some, Peace Talk Comes At Steep Price PPH Aug 15, 2013
The Quiet General NEWSWEEK Aug 17, 2013
U.S., Citing 'Moral Obscenity' in Syria, Weighs Response WSJ Aug, 2013